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An Arts Therapy ONLINE Workshop Series 

  Using the arts to support your mental health, connect to your inner wise-mama and remember your essence.  

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Hey mama,

If you've found yourself here, then I already know that some part of you is ready to receive the support and space you need. And there's probably a pretty good chance that you're on a waitlist for a Psych or you're wanting an alternative to talk therapy. 

Motherhood is big. So much bigger than we are made to believe.

It's the reckoning of our emerging identity- a falling away from who we were, and a whirlwind of joy, love and grief.


Somewhere in the chaos of caring for mini humans, we are expected to be strong, joyful, organised, social, asking for help when we need it, keep our kids on a schedule, filling our cups with self care, staying emotionally regulated 24/7 and be the perfect partner, employee etc.  URGHH. Where are we given space just to be HUMAN?!. .. Just to be us, again. 

Workshop Themes

Each week, we explore different facets of motherhood through expressive arts therapy:

- Forming Mama: Weaving through identity

- Playful Mama: Tapping into joy and presence 

- Connected Mama: Exploring self, child, and community 

- Patterned Mama: Understanding parenting patterns and initiating change 

- Healing Mama: Connecting to earth

- Good Enough Mama: Surrendering to the flow  

- Regulated Mama: Nurturing the senses through mixed media 

This is an evolving series and will move a flex with the needs of the group. It is emergent, meaning we work with what happens on the day.

 Why choose Arts Therapy based creative workshops?

Every Friday, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM 



Workshop Details
No upcoming events at the moment
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