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We see the world differently and we are proud of it.

At Ipsarty we celebrate difference and embrace our neurodivergent selves. We have a unique appreciation for what it is to be autistic/adhd/ocd/pda/sensory sensitive.. because we live it as adults and we experienced it as children. We know how it feels to be pressured to fit into society's box, and we know the insecurity and failure of not being able to.  We know that even as children we all had a little negative voice inside us telling us we needed to try harder, be better and fix ourselves by masking. This is why we created a space for neurodivergent souls to be exactly as they are.

Our studio is designed to meet the sensory needs of children (and adults). 

There is a sensory room, and trampoline room that they can access at any stage during their session. 

We do things differently, and this is unlike any mainstream therapy practice.

We are person focused. This means that we are 100% present for the child, for what ever it is that child needs to process on the day.. in that moment. 

While we do have individual therapeutic aims (and NDIS goals) that guide our practice.. we are not solution focused, and do not impose goals on our clients. Therapy goals come from the client, and are respected in this space. After all, every person whether adult or child is the expert in their own lived experience. 

We aren't fixers, improvers or changers of little people. 

we support

we witness

we listen

we connect

we empower

Our biggest aim is to empower children to understand themselves so they can feel confident to communicate their needs effectively. This is SO IMPORTANT in a world that doesn't understand the needs of neurodivergent people. 

This space is theirs to explore who they are, what they need and what they want. 

Arts therapy gives them the opportunity to process thoughts and feelings about themselves, their relationships and their world. 

Because there's no sugar coating it.. being neurodivergent comes with challenges and big feelings. 

The best part... it's processed through play, art and imagination! And there's no talk therapy required. We are process focused, not end product.

They will practice making mistakes and not getting things perfect, as well as practice flexibility and adapting to change. Here they will build their confidence and sense of self. All through art, play and support.

Minimum age of 7 years. Our availability is limited, and dependant of having a caregiver's commitment to collaborative engagement. 

Group therapy only available to clients who engage in individual therapy.

Disability: Services

We value a family unit approach and actively collaborate with YOU as the caregiver. But what does this mean?

In order to support your child, we first must acknowledge the family ecosystem that they find their 'relational' safety in. We prioritise 'therapeutic relationship' as the agent of change within therapy, but there is no relationship more important than their relationship with you. You are the integral piece in our therapeutic model and we only choose to work with children who have a caregiver that is open, willing and committed to their own personal growth alongside their child. In other words, we support you and your child, and ideally your whole family unit. This doesn't mean we have sessions with you and your child together, rather we nurture you individually.

This looks like:

Attending an update session about your child's therapeutic growth every term and exploring your story as a parent. We all hold stories and relational patterns of being in the world. These sessions invite awareness, growth and healing.

Access to discounted 1:1 sessions to explore your needs, your child's needs and how you can best support yourself in your role as parent. This is a space free of  judgment and one that holds reverence for just how hard parenting can be.

Discounted access to our support programs like Circle of Security, Abstract Mama, Mothering Workshop Series and Glass Sibling.

Once you enter the Ipsarty world, we wrap our metaphoric arms around you and will cheer you on every step of the way.

If you are ready to walk alongside your child and celebrate their growth with your own, then we would LOVE to have you.

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