We are a neurodiverse team! Our studio is a learning environment where all kinds of professional development is encouraged. We engage in regular training in house as well as externally. We are also an internship partner of the University of Sunshine Coast and have students from time to time.

 Our model of therapy is delivered as a therapeutic team (therapists + facilitators) to foster connection and a sense of community, as well as a focus on keeping clients regulated.



Expressive Arts Therapist & Director of Ipsarty

Neurodivergent Advocate with ADHD (she/her)

I'm a registered nurse with over 10 years of community disability, mental health and palliative experience. I also work as a recovery nurse in a clinical setting.

I began using art to provide an expressive therapy outlet to help support and emotionally regulate those with health challenges, disabilities and for caregivers teetering on the edge of burnout.. but now it has grown into an engaging, empowering and nurturing therapy for absolutely everyone!

I'm a total neuroscience nerd and am passionate about educating people on their brain in a relatable way. I am forever a student of all things psychotherapy and continually engage in professional development, and now am involved in training others as a guest lecturer for University students.

As the director of Ipsarty I am focused on supporting my team, teaching and creating professional development. As such, I no longer take a client load in the studio.

Hobbies: Watercolour (or anything crafty), reading, knitting, travel, gardening, hiking, being a crazy bird lady and drinking all kinds of tea



Therapy Bird

Butters "Butter Chicken" Hadley is a 3 yr old Eclectus Parrot.

She is cheeeeeky and still only a baby, so she is learning new things everyday. 

She talks ALOT + whistles.

From time to time she will come to the studio to get used to people, but she's not quite ready to be at every event.

Hobbies: saying hello in different ways, whistling the bombers theme song, chewing furniture, passionfruit, cuddles and showers.



Head Therapist

Expressive Arts Therapist and Sand Play Therapist

Currently training Play Therapist


Kellie is our imagination expert. She is a playful bubble of light and her energy is contagious. 

She has always been an Artist and loves the abstract realm and anything experiential. She encourages exploration and incites curiosity. A life long student, Kel can often be seen nose deep in our staff library, and sharing her knowledge with our team through training exercises.

Spending the last decade as a phlebotomist taking blood samples for hospitals far and wide, she is also a master in creating a safe and supported space for clients to explore themselves. 

As a neurodivergent therapist she has a unique way of observing the world, that accepts absolutely anyone. 



Sand Play Therapist and Therapeutic Arts Life Coach Facilitator

Expressive Arts Therapist/Play Therapist in Training

Neurodivergent Advocate with ADHD (she/her)

Bianka fell in love with expressive therapies while working as admin for us!

Don't let that baby face fool you.. she was born to be a therapist (we knew before she did).


She's a creative soul who's presence in the room is like a gentle hug. Warm, welcoming and playful, she is naturally skilled at allowing clients to take up the space they need. 

Her lived experience as a sibling of a brother who's disability took him far too soon from this world, has given her an unwavering sense of empathy and a unique insight.


Hobbies: miniature polymer clay food sculpting, digital illustration, dance



Registered Expressive Arts Therapist 

Training Sandplay Therapist

Neurodivergent Advocate

Tira has a teaching background with special education and found her way into her psychotherapy masters training (and we're glad she did!)

She's an in house Arts Therapist in a clinical hospital setting, and moonlights for us on Fridays.


She brings with her a curiosity and gentle calm that soothes the soul. Her energy in our space is a naturally empowering force that uplifts and supports each client to see their strengths. 


Arts Facilitator

Training Sandplay Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist

Neurodivergent Advocate with ADHD

Craig has extensive experience in the disability world. He is a former art, photography and music teacher at Tafe and ran programs supporting adults living with disabilities. 

He is a creative powerhouse and often whips out the guitar during sessions. But it's his deep appreciation and understanding of the human experience that we value in the studio most. He is embracing of vulnerability and emotion, an empathetic and warm presence. As a man with ADHD he is ever familiar with the challenges and strengths, and continues to commit to learning more each day. 


Arts Facilitator

Training Sandplay Therapist 

Neurodivergent Advocate with ADHD

Mike comes from a tradie background and found his way into expressive arts. He's forged a path breaking down men's mental health barriers and learning about his own neurodiversity.

A long time surfer, he brings a serious zen and ease to the space. He is a natural co-regulated and a gifted artist. You can spot a few of his pieces around the coast. 



Reception and Administration

Britt is the first face you see as you enter our beautiful space and you can't help but feel welcomed by her warm presence and smile. No question is ever too much and she will always accomodate in any way she can. She's our email and phone queen, so you will know get to know her well.


An artist at heart, you'll find her behind a camera lens any chance she gets. She has a keen appreciation for the little offerings that Mother Nature gifts to us all, and lives this same philosophy with every person she encounters.



Arts Facilitator

Training Sandplay Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist

Neurodivergent Advocate  (she/her)

Chloe is the definition of arty. She paints, sculpts, draws, dances and sews, amongst everything else. She found her way into the studio after her diploma of art and fashion.. little did she know.. she had the makings of a natural therapist; hence all the training she's enrolled in.


She has an unmistakeable twinkle in her eye and wondrous spirit that's playful and quirky. Her engaging nature creates a natural safety for clients. Never pushy and always ready to flex with their needs, this girl has something that can't be taught in books. She embodies humaness, and celebrates it.