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Diversity is our main jam- we are determined to give you a space to feel heard. This is our passion.

Individual sessions to emotionally support and empower people living with disabilities to reach their goals. Everyone welcome. Sessions will be tailored to each person's needs and abilities- encouraging connection, independence, choice, and identity.

If you're looking for information for ND children click here ---> Neurodivergent Kid's Therapy

We are highly experienced in work with both verbal/non-speaking clients and will endeavour to find a way to communicate emotions, and identity. We will always adapt our practice to suit the individual- whether that is with physical aids to help create art, or providing an environment free from sensory triggers. 

All clients will need their own carer present to facilitate effective communication, especially in group sessions. Ideally, clients will participate in the physical art making process (as much as possible) in whatever capacity they can. If there is a situation where there are physical limitations- we will adapt, and their carers could be asked to play a role as  'their hands'. The most important element of this arrangement is that the client is the DIRECTOR of ALL art making decisions, with total creative control.

ie. smear paint, make a circle, draw a thick line etc. 

Living with a disability presents many challenges emotionally. Ipsarty is committed to client centred therapy, and can help unpack some of these difficult emotions in a safe nurturing and inclusive space.

The ability to articulate feelings is not a pre requisite for art therapy, because we educate people how to do exactly that. All while creating a supportive community, socialising and having fun!

Our goal is to empower people in their journey of self discovery, and give them a platform for their voice.

Disability: Services
Art Therapy for all abilities

Art Therapy for all abilities

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