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The Glass Sibling

An Arts Therapy Based Sibling Support Program

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This is Bianka- a Glass Child
and an Arts Therapist who is on a mission to support other siblings


As a Glass Child, she's spent most of her life blending into the background as a "good girl", not making any fuss and always happy prioritise everyone else above herself.

She's easy going, independent, resilient, capable, empathetic and nurturing, but in learning how to be all this, she also learned how to be self sacrificing, repress her emotions, guard her heart, hide her grief and suffer alone in silence.

Her catch phrase is: "It's fine."  

And when hear you it, you'll believe her because her greatest skill is masking. But there's only so long you can mask for before it begins to pull you further away from connecting to the people you care about and isolating you. She recognised the impact this had on her and dove head first into therapy and healing little B.

But what if we didn't have to wait for Glass Children to be adults before supporting their healing?

Bianka's story is a familiar one, and Glass Children desperately need spaces they can express and process their experience without masking- with others that really really get it.  


Parents of Glass Children

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge your experience of being a parent to a Glass Child and the heaviness in your heart that wonders what affect this will have on them as they grow older, and the parts of you that grieve for what you aren't able to provide to them when so much of you is needed by another child. 

There is not a single Glass Child story that doesn't come with heavy parental guilt, but I want to tell you- YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST and it's ok to be supported. As a parent of a child or children with additional needs- you live in varying states of survival mode on layered on top of the already challenging role of raising humans. We absolutely know that every part of your heart wants to give everything to all of your children, and breaks when you aren't able to.

What we are offering your child is a place where the unique challenges your family faces can be understood, embraced, and processed safely. A container where they can connect, express and heal the parts of their story that keep them hiding behind the "it's fine" mask. 

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Why choose Arts Therapy to support a Glass Child?

When does it run and what is the cost?

The sessions will be held in our beautiful group room in Warana, on the Sunshine Coast. All materials provided. 


We have two groups based on age.

8-12 year olds


13-17 year olds

Group sizes will be kept small


The two groups will alternate fortnightly during the school terms.

The program is due to begin on the 15th of April provided we have the numbers. 

MONDAY 3.30pm-4.30pm

Excluding 6th of May Labour Day Holiday


$37 per session (fortnight)

5 x sessions = $185 per term


Payment can be debited from a nominated card each fortnight or paid in full.

Casual sessions not available at this stage. 

If your family is experiencing hardship, please reach out to us by email.

Glass Sibling Age 8-12 

15th April

29th April

13th May

27th May

10th June

Glass Sibling Age 13-17

22nd April

7th May (make up session for public holiday)

20th May

3rd June

17th June

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Expression of Interest
Put me on the list please!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact shortly with an intake form and link for payment. 

Please check your spam folder for our emails.

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