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I am Woman




1.5 Hours

About the Workshop

Let the clay be your guide in finding a self compassionate view of your body

As women, there are cultural messages all around us that our bodies are not enough.. that we should be prettier, skinnier and more youthful. There are few woman who can truly say they are content in the skin they're in. So many of us avoid mirrors, avoid wearing shorts or bikinis and hate every photo taken of us.

Changing that critical lens we see our bodies in.. is hard. And its even harder alone. So we created this workshop as a collective call to action- My body is the vessel of my soul. My body is my soul's home. Perhaps it's time to do some housekeeping (emotionally speaking) and begin changing our collective relationship with the bodies who companion us through life.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to look upon her body with compassion.

So this is how we plan to begin:

Create YOUR vessel from clay - a mug, a bowl, a pot or a vase.

Be guided through the building techniques


supported by expressive therapy priniciples


connected in the shared experience

of coming to know your body

with other wild women

You will walk away with a handmade body vessel, and hopefully an open heart and softer eyes.

Your Instructor



Sand Play Therapist and clay enthusiast, Chloe's passion for changing the body image narrative runs deep. Outside the studio she devotes her time to burlesque dancing, soccer and exploring forms through painting and clay. She found her way into the studio after her diploma of art.. little did she know.. she had the makings of a natural therapist; hence all the training she's enrolled in.

She has an unmistakeable twinkle in her eye and wondrous spirit that's playful and quirky. Her engaging nature creates a natural safety for clients. Never pushy and always ready to flex with their needs, this girl has something that can't be taught in books. She embodies humanness, and celebrates it.

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