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Introducing our delightfully quirky thick-walled Tummy Mug, a fusion of functionality and artistic flair. Hand-crafted with precision and care, this mug promises to elevate your drinking experience while adding a touch of whimsy to your daily routine.

Shaped like a gentle tummy, this mug's thick walls offer excellent insulation, keeping your beverages warm for longer while ensuring a comfortable hold. The raw clay colour exudes a rustic charm, while accents of soothing green add a pop of natural elegance.

But it's not just its exterior that's captivating — the interior of the mug is coated in a pristine white, creating a striking contrast that enhances its visual appeal. Each sip becomes a moment of indulgence as you enjoy your favorite hot drink against the backdrop of this charming color combination.

Whether you're savoring your morning coffee, enjoying a relaxing cup of tea, or treating yourself to a decadent hot chocolate, our Thick-Walled Tummy Mug promises to make every sip a joyous experience. Add a dash of whimsy to your kitchenware collection or surprise a loved one with this unique and playful mug.

Cozy Tummy Mug

GST Included |
  • Standing at roughly 8.5cm tall and with a width of 11.5cm.

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