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1:1 sessions alongside littles  

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Reconnect to the essence of who you are alongside your Mothering Journey

Discover a New Sense of Wholeness and Purpose in Motherhood Through 1:1 Therapy with Ipsarty

Welcome to Ipsarty's Mothering 1:1 Therapy—a sacred space where we journey deep into the essence of motherhood, uncovering layers of wisdom, purpose, and self-discovery.

In the midst of the beautiful chaos of motherhood, it's easy to lose sight of your own needs, desires, and identity. But here, in this nurturing container, we leave no stone unturned as we delve into the depths of your soul, guiding you to reclaim your power, intuition, and inner knowing.

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Are You Ready to Learn the Art of Creative Surrender and Honour your Unique Mothering Experience?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to balance your own needs with those of your child?

Do you long for a supportive space where you and your child can heal, grow, and thrive together?

Are you ready to feel NURTURED and SUPPORTED on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection, guided by a super attuned and intuitive therapist?

If so, Ipsarty's Mothering 1:1 Therapy is calling to you.

 Why choose Arts Therapy as mental health support?

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