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Is talk therapy just not quite the right fit for you? Maybe it's time to try something different. 

Ipsarty is the home of Expressive Arts Therapy and a dedicated creative psychotherapies space. We are a trauma-informed and neuroaffirming practice with a predominately ND team. 

Our approach is all about allowing the creative process to speak for you when you cannot find the words to express what's happening in your inner and outer worlds. You are the expert in your own lived experience, and our therapists are here to witness your remembrance of this. Our aim is to simply guide you back to yourself and amplify the essence of who you are, so that you can experience more self compassion, self trust and self confidence. And most importantly, rewrite the inner narrative that prevents you from being and feeling authentically you.

Curious about what Expressive Arts Therapy is?


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Our Story

Ipsarty was initially established on the Sunshine Coast as an Arts Therapy service within the community for people living with disabilities, chronic illness/pain, injury, trauma and palliative care. And for their carers.

It was intended as an expressive outlet that fosters human connection and empowers the hidden voice hiding behind the brave faces people wear.

This brave face is worn by everyone facing challenges in their life. And so 'ipsarty' as a mental health arts therapy service was born. 



We are a team of neurodivergent therapists and advocates. Our Warana studio was designed to meet the sensory needs of fellow neurodivergent souls and those who have experienced trauma. It is a safe haven for people to come as they are without the expectations to fit in a box; "to do better and be better".

We do not fix here. We allow space for people to access what they need in that moment, explore their sense of self and support them in their way of being in this world and whatever way they choose to go forward.

It's an opportunity to be real and be heard.  Ipsarty will nurture, encourage and guide you in alllllll the feels. But most importantly.. facilitate self exploration and understanding, which is where the magic is.​

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Expressive Arts Therapy (psychotherapy) is a multimodal evidence based practice grounded in psychology and neuroscience principles. Multimodal means we use all different types of creative arts to express: visual arts, play, dance, music, movement, poetry etc. It is widely used in Canada, USA & Europe, and is much more than simply a relaxation technique. The idea is to create art (paint, draw, sculpt, abstract etc) and use it as a tool to look at the psychological undertones present in your life. Then guide you in finding insight and support. Sounds complicated.. but art makes light of serious feelings and oh boy is it fun! 

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There is zero artistic talent required to participate in art therapy. Art is a tool in therapy. The aim isn't to create a masterpiece.. because the masterpiece is you! It is the role of an Arts Therapist to unpack a cluttered mind to allow you to make sense of your world.


Nada. Not a thing. Ipsarty will provide you with all your art materials, and all art creations are yours to keep.


All ages, however we have a minimum age of 6 years old for our studio.

Upcoming Events

  • 06 Oct, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
    Ipsarty , 11/9 Dual Ave, Warana QLD 4575, Australia
    Exploring and supporting the mothering journey through Expressive Arts therapy
  • Multiple Dates
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    21 Oct, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
    Ipsarty , 11/9 Dual Ave, Warana QLD 4575, Australia
    Let the clay be your guide in finding a self compassionate view of your body

11/9 Dual Avenue, Warana,

Sunshine Coast QLD

9 am - 4:30 pm

0484 272 139


Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch within 2 business days via email to set up a time for a phone consult. Please check your junk folder just in case our email goes there :)

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"If you could say it with words, there would be no reason to paint"

Edward Hopper

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